Dub Pop trio Heavensbee formed in New York City in 2015 around the talents of Roger Apollon Jr., Megg Howe and Marc Wasserman who have all played in a variety of ska and reggae groups together and separately including Bigger Thomas, Across The Aisle and Rude Boy George.  

The group cites influences that run the gamut from Lover's Rock, dub reggae and ska (The Specials, No Doubt) to 80's new wave (Depeche Mode, Fun Boy Three) to trip hop (Massive Attack) and indie rock (the xx).

Seeking to create songs that explored the darker side of personal relationships, the three holed up for six months over the late winter and early spring of 2015 in a tiny rehearsal space in New York, where they worked to hone their sound. They approached each song like writing a scene from a movie or play, discussing the characters relationships and motivations.

Built around the dual vocals of Apollon and Howe, the trio's edgy, yet soulful dubby pop songs feature on their debut LP "Soul Mates" out now on Trilby Records (USA) and on Specialized Records (UK).